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        No one tells the Take Stock in children story better than those who have experience it firsthand. The Alumni Alliance was created by alumni for alumni. We want to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our Take Stock in Children graduates and foster a culture of leadership, support, and a pay-it-forward mentality.

As an alumnus, you are part of a network of over 8,000 graduates that is growing each year. The Alumni Alliance seeks to unite alumni efforts in support of Take Stock in Children by connecting alumni on their university or college campuses, increasing postsecondary retention, and creating greater awareness for Take Stock in Children both locally and state-wide. 

Mission Statement

Our mission as the Alumni Alliance is to implement the goals and objectives of Take Stock in Children by breaking the cycle of poverty, raising awareness, and providing opportunities to reinvest in our communities and our Take Stock in Children family. 

Vision Statement

We will provide a Take Stock in Children alumni network to increase postsecondary retention and support local program needs.


Break the cycle. Pay it forward.

Value Statement

As an Alliance and as individuals we value representing the Take Stock in Children family with: Responsibility, Integrity, Professionalism, and Excellence.

Take Stock in College

Take Stock in Children recently launched a new program, Take Stock in College, designed to improve the college completion rate of its more than 6,000 students attending a Florida college or university.


Currently, the college completion rate of TSIC students totals 67 percent, which is five times higher than that of peers nationally facing similar challenges and barriers to post-secondary success.


The goal of the program is to increase that number to 95 percent by bridging the gap between high school and career with targeted personnel and improved on-campus resources and supports. College attainment is the key to ensuring more students make it out of poverty and through Take Stock in College, the organization is proactively putting our resources to work to increase our college completion rate to mirror our high school success rates.


Alumni Alliance

Take Stock in Children of Citrus County is a 501c3 organization

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