Board of Directors
The purpose of the council is to support the local program, increase public awareness, raise funds, secure services and develop growth & sustainability plans.
President - Pat Lancaster
Vice- President - Sharon Gatz
Secretary - Jeri Snedecor
Treasurer - Judy Neace

Suzi Mire
Ken Lancaster
Abby Quigley
Vera Swade
Bob & Bonnie Purcell
Hazel Benjamin
Krista DiBerardino
  • Scholarship Management
  • Student Concerns
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Finance
  • Long Range Planning

Board of Directors

  • Provide vision and direction to the local program

  • Guide growth and quality planning

  • Ensure a high degree of program accountability

  • Help to identify local partnerships and opportunities for collaboration

  • Work with TSIC staff to raise local funds in support of student scholarships and program activities

  • Assist in recruiting mentors and sponsors who have an interest in making a meaningful  contribution towards providing a quality education for students from low-income families

  • Create greater community awareness of Take Stock in Children’s scholarship program

  • Set the tone; provide local program oversight and advice; and make recommendations for pre-defined program areas (i.e. student terminations)



  • Serve on a committee

  • Attend regular council and/or committee meetings

  • Be involved in the fundraising activities of the program



  • Local program staff will make day-to-day decisions

  • The Take Stock in Children state organization will establish program and operational guidelines and policies.

Interested in learning more about becoming a member of our Leadership Team?
Call the TSIC Office at 344-0855

Take Stock in Children of Citrus County is a 501c3 organization