Going to college is a "total" Experience.  Preparation, selection, locartion, financial aid, and the college experience itself are among those elements that warrant investigation, review and preparation.....a considerable effort in an of itself.  Below are a series of links that you can utilize to begin your journey.  The sections include links to Scholarship sources, Preparation activities, Financial Aid scources, and understanding the College experience.......

Financial Aid Resources


  1. College of Central Florida

  2. Coca Cola Co. Scholarships

  3. Supplemental Financial Support 

  4. Scholarship Opportunities

  5. Everything About College

  6. Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  7. scholarship opportunities 

  8. Federal Student Aid

  9. Scholarship opportunities

  10. Financial aid

  11. funding for college

College Preparation


  1. Readiness Assessment (ACT)

  2. Basic Life Support Certification

  3. Citrus County Schools Site

  4. College Preparation (SAT)

  5. College Planning

  6. Florida Virtual Campus

  7. Everything About College

  8. Everything about College II

  9. College Survivor Skills

  10. Family Education

  11. Florida Dept. of Education

  12. Educational Publications

  13. Algebra Help - New!!!!

  14. Math, Science, World History


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