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Our Promise

As a proud member of Citrus County’s Take Stock in Children family, I have been entrusted with a scholarship to help me fulfill my dreams of a college education.

I am strong and committed to the pursuit of academic success. I promise that I will fulfill my responsibilities to Take Stock by:     

                   Attending school every day

Maintaining good grades and GPA

Participating in Take Stock meetings and events

Remaining drug, alcohol and crime-free

Meeting with my mentor each week


I will remember that I have people in my life who care about me at home, in school and through the Take Stock in Children program.


I will honor this special gift that has been given to me by working hard and striving to be the best that I can be.

Keeping Our Promise

Student Roadmaps

Learning Styles

Learning styles are the way we learn.  Everyone has at least one dominant style, some students may even use two styles depending on the situation they are in or their environment.




          Summary of Characteristics

SAT / ACT Vocabulary
10 Habits of Successful Students

Take Stock in Children of Citrus County is a 501c3 organization

Take Stock in Children of Citrus County


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Celebrating 25 years of service to deserving students in the state of Florida

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